Welcome to Our Creative Community

HatchSpace offers monthly, semi-annual and annual membership. All memberships provide access to a supportive community of woodworkers and an unbeatable working facility. Among the many benefits of being a part of HatchSpace, you'll enjoy:

      • Fully equipped woodworking facility with multiple workspaces including three workshops, including introductory and heavy duty CNC equipment. **Note that you must pass a basic safety test on each fixed powered tool you with to use.
      • Member access hours are Monday-Friday, from 9AM to 6PM. Call ahead if you need staff support or weekend access.
      • Limited access to many common woodworking supplies such as chisels, tool bits and blades, abrasives, glues, and finishing supplies for personal projects. Donations of excess supplies are also welcome.
      • An incredibly feedback-rich and supportive environment in which to test your ideas, develop confidence and deepen your woodworking talent. Note: take non-professional advice at your own risk!
      • Low-overhead facility in which to develop and test products as a new business. Note: we're great for prototyping limited production runs; we are not suitable for commercial production runs.



Individual, $49/mo (or $588/yr)

Our most popular option, individual members build our community, shape our culture and inspire collaboration. A 15 percent discount on all our classes.

Supporter, $99/yr

Sustain the organization and advance our mission while enjoying day-time use of our lounge and a 15 percent discount on all our classes.

** Income-sensitive membership support is available. Email info@hatchspace.org for details.

STANDARD BENEFITS (for all our members)

  • Day-time access to shared facilities, including our lounge and meeting space
  • One complimentary safety class and tool test
  • Access to shops and tools, depending on qualifications (excluding Supporters)
  • At least 15 percent discount on all offerings such as classes and swag
  • Access to member-only events
    • Hours of operation at HatchSpace are 9AM to 6PM M-F. We are currently closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • HatchSpace can provide limited on-site storage including lockers, shelves and carts.
    • Anyone wishing to support financial inclusion at HatchSpace may “round up” your membership payment with a tip or make a gift that will go into our assistance fund.
    • Anyone needing a little financial assistance may join with a “pay what you can” offer. Email info@hatchspace.org for more information.


    • Members must be at least 18 years old; younger woodworkers may take classes.
    • You must be cleared by our staff to use each of our machines
    • High VOC products including propellants and spirits may not be used


    HatchSpace is a project of The Hatch, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  •  Brattleboro, VT  •  info@hatchspace.org  •  (802) 257-3935
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