To help balance a world filled with synthetic digital connection and media, HatchSpace is a non-profit dedicated to sharpening an appreciation for the work of human hands through the learning, practice, and teaching of woodworking.

Whether kids who want to play with wood, teenagers who are sniffing around for what to do with their lives, hobbyists who want to up their games or are tired of working alone in their garages, or master craftspeople ready to share what they’ve learned - all intersect in the safe, comfortable, and welcoming place that is HatchSpace.


A Workshop

The first phase of HatchSpace is a state of the art woodworking shop.  Members can work on our machines and order materials they need.  Introductory classes are offered.  Safety training is required.

Master Classes

Master classes in a range of techniques and disciplines will be offered by Guild of Vermont master furniture makers and other visiting master craftspeople. Mentoring of members at all levels of expertise will be ongoing through the community created by a shared workspace.  Paid private instruction will also be available to members.

The HatchSpace Gallery

HatchSpace Gallery will be a cooperative retail business engaged in the display, marketing, selling and commissioning of the very best work of master wooden fine art and furniture makers in and around Vermont. The masters and other invited artists and craftspeople will be made available to the community through storytelling, lectures and workshops conducted at the associated work space.


As of January 24th the HatchSpace is in the final stages of fitting up the shop for general member use.   All machines are onsite and in place and what remains are the tune-ups and dust collection ducting.   

We don't expect to open before February 1st, and not long after.   Our 22 founding members are welcome to come in at any time to look around and we wouldn't say no to a lending hand!

General membership subscriptions are now available.  Click here to get your place in HatchSpace.

2019-21 - HatchSpace will pursue additional mentorship and training programs through outside organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, BUHS Career Center, Vermont Technical College, and area employers of skilled trades workers.

2019-21 - Facilitate collaborative events with the Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center’s ancient objects collection by hosting academics studying the origins of handmade craft while providing hands-on exercises in the crafts themselves.


Through the generosity of Dave Snyder and Sara Coffey of Guilford Sound, Stan Richards of Dallas, TX, Jim Harvey of Seattle, local supporters: Bo Foard, Temple Petersen, Larry Cassidy, Bruce Berg, Seth Harter and Tom Bodett and Rita Ramirez HatchSpace has been able to secure space for its first year.  We've been able to gather and install the needed equipment through cash contributions, a line of credit at Brattleboro Savings & Loan, and the contributions of many local woodworkers, most notably . Nathan Rupard, Greg Goodman, Tom Franks, Claude Blazej, Jim Mahoney, Harry Saxman and many others.

The immediate focus is on enrolling members, signing commercial underwriting and securing private and public grants to further equip and secure the facility. 

HatchSpace will operate as a mission of The Hatch, Inc. non-profit corporation managing both the workspace and the gallery space. A board of not less than three directors along with an executive director will be responsible for the management, marketing and fiscal health of the endeavor with assistance from the membership.

In addition to a safe, supportive workspace HatchSpace will:

  • Research, select, purchase, and maintain equipment.
  • Implement museum-related teaching and practice in our provisional space. Test market potential revenue-generating programs such as lectures and workshops, tool swaps and collaboratively produced items for general sale.
  • Connect high-level regional craft skill to local craftspeople and aspiring makers by showing the finest work and the methods behind it.
  • Provide teaching and mentoring space for experienced artisans to share knowledge and practice.


Hatch Space is located in a 5000 square foot space adjacent to the new Mocha Joe’s roasting facility at 35 Frost St. The gallery space will occupy a portion of the 1000 square feet in the front of the building adjacent to the Mocha Joe’s training center and tasting room.  There will also be temporary pop-up gallery viewings in other downtown locations, including the Latchis Gallery next to the Latchis Theater through the 2018/19 winter season.

HatchSpace is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. 35 Frost Street in Brattleboro VT

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