To help balance a world filled with synthetic digital connection and media, HatchSpace is a non-profit dedicated to sharpening an appreciation for the work of human hands through the learning, practice, and teaching of woodworking.

Whether kids who want to play with wood, teenagers who are sniffing around for what to do with their lives, hobbyists who want to up their games or are tired of working alone in their garages, or master craftspeople ready to share what they’ve learned - all intersect in the safe, comfortable, and welcoming place that is HatchSpace.


A Workshop

The first phase of HatchSpace is a state of the art woodworking shop.  Members can work on our machines and order materials they need.  Introductory classes are offered.  Safety training is required.

Master Classes

Master classes in a range of techniques and disciplines will be offered by Guild of Vermont master furniture makers and other visiting master craftspeople. Mentoring of members at all levels of expertise will be ongoing through the community created by a shared workspace.  Paid private instruction will also be available to members.

The HatchSpace Gallery

HatchSpace Gallery will be a cooperative retail business engaged in the display, marketing, selling and commissioning of the very best work of master wooden fine art and furniture makers in and around Vermont. The masters and other invited artists and craftspeople will be made available to the community through storytelling, lectures and workshops conducted at the associated work space.

HatchSpace is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. 35 Frost Street in Brattleboro VT

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